Education at the Colyton Heritage CentreOver the past two decades CPHS has worked with the Primary School when opportunities have presented themselves. Whenever requested a member of the society has visited the school and spoken on a particular aspect of history which the children may have been looking at in class.

A particularly successful and long term joint project was the creation of a self-guided town history walk leaflet which the children were very involved in putting together – over twenty years on it remains available and continues to prove most popular.

More recently the author of ‘The Most rebellious Town in Devon’ took a class on a guided walk around the streets of Colyton looking at the buildings and other aspects of the story which they had been studying. This was their ‘rebel day’ and everyone was well dressed for the part making a most successful hour or so with many well considered and very intelligent questions being asked. It is planned to have special school visits to the Heritage Centre where they will be able to learn about the unique features of the Merchants House and hopefully be an encouragement for their continued interest and curiosity in local history.