17 Apr 2018
April 17, 2018

Do you know where this is?

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1585F_19_2-1We recently came across this intriguing little map when preparing some of the Feoffees’ documents for digitising.  There is no indication of the age of the plan on the document but it tells a story of how a man may lay his belly on the bound stone with his right hand in Branscombe, his left hand in Colyton and his foot in Salcombe.  We thought it might be fun to try!    Is it Hangman’s Stone beside the A3052?  Or is there another spot you are aware of with a bound stone?


The text also refers somewhat cryptically to a place where it is said Branscombe men buried a son of their Parish “who came to an untimely end!”  If anyone can throw any light on either of these tales please let me know!  (sarah.charman@yahoo.co.uk)