23 Mar 2016
March 23, 2016

King Charles Visits Colyton

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An exciting discovery was made recentlyIMG_20160217_104818 at a meeting of the Parish History Project Steering Group,  held in the  Feoffees’ Town Hall boardroom.  Professor Todd Gray was taking the opportunity to examine some of the Feoffees’ historic records.  Randomly opening a book of records and accounts dating from the 17th Century  his eye immediately alighted upon  the following entry from August 1625:

“Payd…. for ringing when the king rode through the towne  –  13s 4d”.


King Charles 1 was new to the throne when, in 1625, he visited the west country to review the fleet at Plymouth.

Hopefully this discovery will be just the tip of an avalanche of similarly exciting finds once our research volunteers get stuck into researching the history of Colyton.