An historic re-enactmentDSC02442 of Colyton’s role in the events surrounding the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 was staged in the town on Saturday, 13th June 2015. Colyton became known as the ‘most rebellious town in Devon” as more citizens from Colyton joined the Protestant rebellion against a Catholic King in 1685 than from any other town. Some of the rebels were caught and hanged while others were tried and subsequently deported into slavery overseas.Saturday’s highly successful event was organised by the Promote Colyton Group. A representative detachment from the Taunton Garrison dressed in colourful scarlet uniforms searched the town for hidden rebels while members of the Colyton theatre group participated in dramatic scenes and many local citizens also dressed the part and served food from stalls in the market place. Local businesses also participated. A drum head service was held in the Church. The sun shone and a good time was had by all. Information about the Rebellion was available in the Heritage Centre which received as many visitors in one day as it normally receives in a week.